Integrated Statistics Forms

Here are the Integrated Statistics forms for new hires, health insurance, travel, and timesheets. Please email the Integrated Statistics office with questions about when or how to fill them in.

To download a form, click the link. If that doesn't work, try right-clicking and using the Save as menu option.

New hire forms

Health insurance forms

Click here for more information on the health plans, or email the Integrated Statistics office.

401K plan

The enrollment instructions explain how to get started with the Fidelity 401K plan.

Travel forms

More details about travel are here.

Recording your work time

To get started, please provide the Integrated Statistics office with an email address you'd like to use for logging to the time tracker, and for receiving time-related correspondence.

Once we set you up in the system, you should receive an email back with login instructions. Sadly, this email may end up in your spam folder, so please look for it there. Email the Integrated Statistics office if you have trouble finding the email or logging in.

How the time application works

We process time two weeks at a time. Every two weeks, Integrated Statistics sends out a friendly reminder that you need to fill in and submit your timesheet. We ask for your timesheets every other Friday because every other Monday morning, I download all your time into my accounting software. After I download it, you cannot change it unless you call or email the Integrated Statistics office so we can unlock your time sheet. The online time sheet is pre-programmed with the rules according to the Department of Labor.

How to fill out a timesheet

To record your time, please use our online time sheet:

Timesheet Tips

Time while at sea

If you are at sea when timesheets are due, you may email your hours to me. It's a really good idea to cc your usual work email when you send in those hours, so that you have a record of what you sent.

Timesheet corrections

If you need to correct a timesheet, email the Integrated Statistics office, so we can unlock your timesheet and make a note that something has changed and see that it all gets corrected.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this. It is much appreciated.