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History and Overview
Integrated Statistics is an S-corporation founded by Dr. Laura Shulman in 1994 to perform mathematical and statistical analyses for companies and individuals. It began with experimental design and data analysis for scientists in academia. For example, the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto requested software to assess whether particular segments of the genome encoding the immunoglobulin genes were unusually prone to insertion of transfected DNA.

In 1995, Integrated Statistics handled various contracts in the private sector analyzing data to be presented to the Environmental Protection Agency. For example, Texas Instruments of Attleboro, MA requested analysis of measurements taken to comply with the clean-up guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Texas Instruments had purchased a piece of land that had previously been used to store hazardous waste and was now required to decontaminate it. Another contract was with Ocean Arks International, a company which specialized in the use of living organisms to detoxify sewage. In this case, Integrated Statistics was employed to analyze their water quality data. This analysis was the basis for decisions on how often the different elements needed to be measured to ensure accuracy.

With the advance of the internet, Integrated Statistics branched into interactive web page design and implementation, writing specialized scripts to collect the data. Pickerell Services engaged Integrated Statistics to conduct a national survey of photographers. For this purpose, Integrated Statistics designed a web-based survey and acted as a third party to receive hard copy responses, thus, ensuring confidentiality and objective data analysis.

Since 1997, Integrated Statistics has been employed by the Population Dynamics Branch of the Fisheries department of the Federal Government to evaluate and upgrade fish stock assessment software. Integrated Statistics improved the assessment software using the latest technology and innovations. These improvements have been consolidated into a single stand-alone piece of software called the "Fisheries Assessment Computational Toolbox" that is now used nationally.

In June of 2000, Integrated Statistics was awarded its first five-year contract with the General Services Administration for Information Technology. Since then Integrated Statistics has expanded to include fishery biologists, field technicians for data collection, computer programmers, database analysts, and office support personnel. Clients include National Marine Fisheries Services/NOAA in Woods Hole, MA, Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, MA, United States Geological Survey, Falmouth, MA and Stock Photo, Bethesda, MD.

In May of 2003, Integrated Statistics was awarded its first five-year contract with the General Services Administration for Environmental Services, and continues to provide scientific, environmental, administrative, and information technology services to the federal government.

Federal Services

Integrated Statistics is a woman-owned small business specializing in providing information technology, scientific, and environmental services. Integrated Statistics currently holds a GSA MAS contract for Professional Services.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of skilled, efficient, and motivated professionals we can place on government projects:

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GSA Contract

Integrated Statistics currently holds GSA MAS Professional Services contract 47QTCA19D00B9 with these awarded special item numbers: Our list of labor categories includes:

Professional Services Information Technology SIN 54151S

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services SIN 541370GIS Environmental Consulting Services SIN 541620 Integrated Statistics is an Equal Opportunity Employer